Julia Makivic

Julia Makivic

Void of Memory

"Void of Memory" takes place in the near future where organic server farms collect and store data at a molecular level. Not only can they store information about where a person was or what they were doing at any given moment, but they also store information about the surrounding environment, so that whoever accesses that information will be able to feel the exact experience of that moment.

In this game, the player takes on the role of a protagonist who hacks into one of these machines in order to discover the truth of what happened to her friend who disappeared mysteriously years ago. The server interacts with the player and prompts them with questions about what sort of information they would like to pursue. The questions appear on the small rectangular screen. Occasionally images will appear as well. The player presses buttons and lifts a "lever" attached to the machine in order to make choices about what kind of paths they would like to explore. As a result, there are more than one endings to this game.

Below is a video of someone interacting with the game:

This game was built using an arduino mega and an altimeter for the sensor in the lever. The case was made using laser cut and engraved acrylic.

Below are some images from the game. They were done in a retro "pixel-art" style.

These are some examples of concept art for the design of the Server Farm. Although these images did not make their way into the game, they guided the aesthetic of the server interface. In later iterations of this game, I would like to make the interface have a more organic feeling, similar to the style of these images.

Here are some images that I created before I started this game. Although I hadn't fully fleshed out this futuristic world, these images provided an entry point into visually a speculative world where technology is more ornate, organic, colorful and tactile.